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Cloudin Akram 2023.11.11
Our BTS membership kits arrived quickly and safely! Thank you so much!!
Menna Galal 2023.09.02
أنا متخيلتش إن فيه خدمة زي كدا، بجد طلبت الحاجة اللي نفسي فيها وجت بسرعة عن المتوقع وألاهم إن الشحن والجمارك كان سعرهم خيال! فأكيد هطلب عن طريق الخدمة تاني 🥰🥰
NourAlllah Mohamed 2023.09.06
This website is a DISCOVERY! Shein orders arrived in 12 days only!!! ♥
Maram Mohamed 2023.09.05
One of the BEST websites !! Fast Delivery Variety of sites Very professional They are just .. chef kiss🤌🏻😍
Nehal Wael 2023.09.01
I have tried to order from PnP and honestly this is the best experience I’ve had in ordering online they shipped my order so fast and the products came safe & sound🥰😍.
Reem 2023.11.22
Perfect packaging everything arrived safely and in perfect condition 🩷🩷🩷
mazen mohammed attia 2023.11.17
As always the service is perfect, highly recommended and the team is the best Tysm for the gift🫶🏻
Nermeen Selim 2023.11.09
Thanks for being best team ever 😍 , everything arrived safely and quickly 🥰, thanks for the cute gift aswell. Really really looking forward to dealing with u again🩷🩵 and deliver my stuff to u again🩵🩷
Hagar Amr 2023.10.10
They are the best!!🤩 My order arrived safely and so fast! I'm really happy that I discovered them, They are really AMAZING!!🤩❤
Naglaa 2024.01.16
I just received the orders . I am so happy with your service. Your team is amazing. They are cooperative and helpful. Thanks for everything and isa it won't be the last time dealing with your website. 🌹❤

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